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Drama Award for "Bedeviled"

Novels: Literary Suspense, Mystery/Thriller

Screenplays: Film Noir, Drama, Comedy

The novelist and screenwriter Christopher Charles Canning (Chris) draws on an early career that spanned advertising and journalism, corporate finance and the making of award winning wines, in a life spread across Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, providing him with a rich lode of experiences and locations to mine for his characters and their stories. He has been a full time novelist and screenwriter since 2013 and his current projects are aimed at an international market across the mediums of print and digital publishing as well as film. Chris also writes under the pseudonym A.I.Fabler.


• Finding Albert Strange

• AGENDA 2060: The Future as it Happens

(under the pseudonym of A.I.Fabler)


• Bedeviled - A Song for Leonard

Winner Empire Drama Award, New York Screenplay Contest

Cannes Screenplay Contest Drama Award

Finalist Hollywood Screenplay Contest

• Hurricane Hacker

Finalist Industry Insider Screenwriting Competition

• A Day to Remember

Finalist Adapted Screenplay Competition

Finalist Byron Bay Film Festival, Australia

• Testosterona and The Secret of Life

Official selection 2019 Madrid International Film Festival

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Finding Albert Strange (A Day to Remember) - Australian Novel

This inter-generational drama is a story of redemption, of one family, on one day, seeking to find itself before it is too late. That day is Anzac Day. The place is Sydney, Australia. Who will survive it? 

Official Selection Adapted Screenplay Competition under title of "A Day to Remember".

Finalist in the Byron Bay, Australia, Film Festival.

AGENDA 2060: The Future As It Happens, by A.I.Fabler

Welcome to the future

With the unique benefit of hindsight, and the aid of quantum computing, A I Fabler provides a picture of society in the year 2060 following decades of cultural wars. As the author follows their every move, Professor Jordan McPhee (now deplatformed) and his star pupil, Alexa Smythe, tilt at the windmills of Identity Politics, Free Speech, Global Warming, World Government, Artificial Intelligence and Inter-Planetary Travel that stand in the way of the high ideals enshrined in the World Government’s utopian rule book: The Twelve Articles of Agenda 2060.

This is the future as it happens.



Publication date September 2021, 

Adelaide Books, New York




Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Winner: Empire Drama Award, New York Screenplay Contest and the Cannes Screenplay Competition 2017

After a young singer/songwriter, who is obsessed with Leonard Cohen, is killed during an attempted street mugging in New York in 1979, her intended victim stands accused of her death and has only the lyrics of her songs to defend himself against corrupt police.

Original music written and composed by Chris Canning and

Eden Iris.

Read the Synopsis here

Read a Sample Chapter here

Testosterona and The Secret of Life

Feature length screenplay


Two retired film makers, nursing resentments that threaten their friendship, and staring down old age and depression, are confronted by a contemporary who now looks 20 years younger than them and are jolted into trying to emulate him, leading to the exposure of dark secrets that might have remained unrevealed if only their hormones had not been disturbed. Set in Northern Spain and an Official Selection in the 2019 Madrid International Film Festival.

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